Accountant – Deadline: 27/01/2022

Overall Purpose of the Position

To maintain the financial records of the foundation as per international financial standards.


Key responsibilities:

  1. Cashbook management (registration of cash and bank transactions, bank accounts and cash balances, etc.);
  2. Supervision of the financial movements and funds coming from donors to projects;
  3. Constantly monitoring that expenses are in line with the budget approved;
  4. Prepare monthly financial reports;
  5. Prepare documents and final financial reports for the donors and for auditor;
  6. To liaise with the Auditor’s in making the Annual Tax returns for the Foundation.
  7. Process all statutory payments and returns (NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, etc.).
  8. Ensure that all project procurements of goods and services are in line with donors’ regulations and guidelines where applicable;
  9. Prepare contracts with suppliers, partners and service providers, and monitor their administrative compliance with Kenyan law
  10. Ensure timely payment of property rent & rates utilities. Etc.;
  11. Annual renewal of insurance policies & timely payment of premiums & pension contributions.
  12. To make and receive payments.
  13. Bank reconciliation.
  14. Keep track of advances or loans taken by staff.
  15. To handle the audits commissioned by donor agencies.
  16. To do the quarterly & annual stock taking & update the inventory.
  17. To prepare the annual budget in consultation with the administrator’s & foundation head for approval by the BOT


Qualifications required:

  1. Minimum academic qualification: A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with Finance or Accounting option
  2. Professional registration: CPA IV.
  3. Minimum 2 years’ experience
  4. Skill in dealing with people, communication, exercising initiative, problem solving, decision making & meeting deadlines.
  5. Computerized accounting

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