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Building Bridges Initiative is a main topic and discussion now in the republic of Kenya since mid-last year in 2019. It was brought up by the opposition government.

Though it is by the opposition, it was brought and still being pushed in a good manner and intentions, that’s according to the people who have read and understood it. The Building Bridges Initiative also known as BBI though most of the people agree and push for it to be approved, there are also people who oppose it.

BBI as all Kenyans know, has already been read and agreed by the president. The president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta together with the opposition leader Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga have pushed it to be approved and acceptance through consensus and or referendum from other Kenyans who have read it and agreed to the terms of it.

It is said by the people who have read it, that it will benefit the youths together with the old in very many ways. One of the benefits of the youth is that, no student after graduating from University is allowed to pay his or her helb money before getting a job and being financially stable. It is said that they must have a job and then start paying the held money when they are financially stable.

As we all know Kenya being a republic and a constitutional country, since it is being opposed, a referendum is expected to be done so as to be fair for both the two parties, and enhance democracy. That’s why it is recommended for all Kenyans to read and understand the BBI before approving it. Not for them to be guided by the politicians and others but to offer themselves to read and understand so that we make a great country, not for us but for our children in future.

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