How to reset your KRA iTax password

With less than two weeks remaining to file KRA returns, most people are rushing to the iTax portal, hoping to beat the 30th June deadline.

However, as you begin the process, you realize that you’ve forgotten the password since you only use the portal once a year when filing your tax returns.

If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t worry, as we have you covered through this guide to see your problem sorted.

Here’s a guide to resetting your KRA password

Open your browser and log in to KRA itax portal:

• Once on the website, type your KRA pin and click continue

• Proceed downward and click where it is written: “forgot password/unlock account.”

• Proceed to answer the security question and then click submit.

• A password will be sent to your email; therefore, open another tab and proceed to log in to your email.

• Copy the password sent and go back to the KRA website and click back.

• Enter your PIN and the password sent to your email and press login.

• Once on the website, fill in the places with a red asterisk. The old password remains the one sent to your email, and proceed to set your new password. Chose the security question and set the answer.

• Agree to the KRA website policy and disclaimer by clicking the small box and click submit. Your password is set.

Courtesy of The Standard.

Source: Kenya Revenue Authority. -Facebook.

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