Media personality and radio presenter Jalang’o has opened up about the money laundering syndicate, commonly referred to as wash wash.

Jalang’o , born Felix Odiwuor, revealed in an interview with Kiss TV how the wash wash expose by controversial blogger Edgar Obare affected him after being linked to it last year on August. According to him, people linking him to money laundering is the worst thing people said about him.

“The worst thing people have said about me is about me being in the ‘wash wash’ business. It’s very sad that you can work so hard and people say such things. If I am in the ‘wash wash’ business how about the people saying? Si waingie pia wajaribu. If I knew how it’s done I would have joined. People have said so many things about me the only thing that remains is me dying. There is nothing people have not said about me.”

The media personality said it is sad people would come up with such a story yet he’s worked for everything he has. In a past interview, he revealed that his net worth was way over Sh10 million.

Source: Facebook.

“Sh10 million? That is just the price of one of my cars; V8, yeah? There is V8, Mercedes V-Class, there is Overfinch (Range Rover), Mercedes SLK, Discovery…. But I thank God for everything,” he said.

Jalang’o is also eyeing the Langata MP seat in the upcoming general elections. He recently revealed that he will not leave the entertainment industry if elected.

“One thing I’m not gonna leave is entertainment because it’s something that I love, and I wish I would still comeback and do my radio show and run to parliament because being a leader shouldn’t change what you do.”

Adding  “I still love hosting events, MCeeing why should I stop? This is just a chance to do something different, who said men can’t multi-task? I’m going to be the first radio presenter who’s also an MP who hosts gigs and still delivers the promises out there.”

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