Noti Flow Claims Domestic Violence Made Her Switch To Lesbianism

Kenyan singer Noti Flow, real name Natalie Florence Kutoto, has opened up on why she has switched up to date a partner of similar sex, lesbianism.

Through a long post on her Instagram page today, June 4, she opted to date a partner of similar sex after suffering domestic abuse and physical injuries whenever she dated someone from the opposite sex adding that her previous relationship ended up in abuse and that she is in court seeking justice for the physical and emotional harm it left on her.

“All (that) men have done is hurt, disappoint, break, cheat, detooth me and just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me,” she claims.

Noti Flow told Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle she is “done with men” after finding true love in a girl.

“I found true love in a girl, yes. She’s everything I ever wanted. She loves me truly and she’d never wanna hurt me. Never. I am happy she helped me get over the trauma from my previous relationship,” candidly, wrote the She Don’t Know rapper.

Noti Flow. :Facebook.

One of her most notable romantic relationships is the on-off relationship she had been having with rapper Mustapha. They officially called it quits in 2019 after a series of cheating allegations. However, Mustapha during a radio interview claimed that he ended the relationship with Noti Flow because she used to batter him.

“I had an ugly incident in my previous relationship. My previous boyfriend was abusive. He attacked me physically and left me bruised. That was around November last year. We already have a case in court and I trust justice will be served. He wanted to go through my phone and I said no as we had agreed not to do that from the onset. At some point, he went through my phone and questioned me about a text message and after that he went physical on me,” she added, noting that a photo on her Instagram page, in which she has a bandage on her back was from the alleged attack.

Noti Flow won a Pulse Award for independent musician. :Facebook.

The Pulse Music Video Awards (PMVAs) winner said single girls should be educated about domestic violence. 

“Domestic violence does not only happen in marriages. It happens to those dating too, young lovers…everyone…People have been silent about this. I can’t be…” 

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