National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced that its services would be unavailable for five days beginning today Thursday. May 27 at 5 pm to Monday, May 31 evening at 5 pm.

The Authority explained that the unavailability of its services was because of its scheduled upgrade to its services stating that all portals hosted on their websites including mobile application will not be available for the next five days. They include; Smart DL booking and enrollment of PDL, Test Booking application and collection of Logbooks and Number Plates.

However, services such as transfer of ownership, inspection booking, duplicate logbook among others will be available to the public on the revamped TIMS – once the maintenance is undertaken.

It plans to undertake an upgrade and system maintenance as part of their continuous service improvement strategies. This comes just after NTSA announced it would commence inspecting vehicles that are more than four years old from the date of manufacture on Kenyan roads.

Interior and Citizen Services PS Paul Famba earlier this month previously signed a letter stating that all vehicles regardless of ownership will be inspected in line with Section 16 (2) of the Traffic Act. The system has previously been breached by hackers who upload vehicle details into the system registering vehicles without import duty.

NTSA Service Notification, 27th May, 2021. :Facebook.

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