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Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Vice-Chairperson Olive Mugenda on Tuesday, April 27, announced that Martha Koome was the nominee Chief Justice and that they had forwarded her name to the head of state for appointment.

Search for Chief Justice was watched nationally as it aired live on television with an aim to pick one candidate out of the ten to succeed retired Chief Justice David Maraga. Her nomination was a win for many more so women and if approved, she will be the first female to sit at the helm of the Judiciary.

Her nomination has however been disputed by senior counsel Fred Ngatia who claims that he was rigged off after powerful government officials asked JSC to manipulate the results as he insists that he was ahead of all the other nine applicants for the top job.

Senior counsel Fred Ngatia. :Facebook.

“Four commissioners from the Mount Kenya region reduced my scores yesterday afternoon after they were called by powerful people,” Fred Ngatia claimed.

During the interviews, he was presumed as the best-placed candidate to succeed David Maraga.

In his interview on Tuesday, April 20, he was asked his relationship with the president and while defending his records, he challenged JSC to judge him based on his qualifications and not solely based on clients he once represented.

“Don’t discriminate against me based on clients I have represented. Judge me across all the things I do. I have also represented the hospice, and I went back to private practice after holding a brief for the president-elect in 2013.”

Ngatia said he was not ashamed for representing President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2013 presidential election petition arguing that he was just like any other Kenyan and was entitled to legal representation in court.

Meanwhile, it is reported that President Uhuru Kenyatta has already appointed Martha Koome and forwarded her name to the National Assembly for vetting before being officially sworn in at the State House, Nairobi.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has forwarded the name of Justice Martha Koome to the National Assembly to be vetted for appointment as Chief Justice. :Facebook.

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