This Is Why Trio Mio Is Called ‘Thank You Jesus’

Did you know that teenage rapper Trio Mio is called ‘Thank You Jesus’?

According to his mother, Trio Mio’s real name is Mario TJ Kasela and what most don’t know is that TJ, his name, is an acronym for Thanks Jesus.

His mother revealed this while opening up and gave her side of the story about why he named him TJ narrating that she prayed so hard while pregnant that her son would survive. And when she gave birth to him, she immediately called him Thank You Jesus (TJ) because of the difficult pregnancy journey.

“TJ is a special kid as the pregnancy journey was a hard one. I prayed to God that if I carried him to completion of the time, I would praise him. Immediately I gave birth, the doctor asked what name I should give him and I instantaneously said thanks Jesus, and that’s how I gave him the name TJ.”

16 year old Trio Mio & his mother who is also his manager. :Facebook.

Trio Mio has found success in the music industry barely a year in the public eye. The rapper made waves with his single hit, ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’. The video is now at 760k+ views, while the remix featuring Mejja, Exray, and Nellythegoon sits at 6.9million views on YouTube. 

He is still making waves and according to many, his impeccable flow brings back the ‘E-Sir vibe,’ a notion that has been a point of contention on social media as some believe there is nothing to compare the two. Others stick to the same narrative that he is arguably the E-Sir of today.

Courtesy of his bursting freestyles, short stature, and innocent tenor, he commands a huge following despite spewing a dot of vulgarity in his delivery. He has caught the attention of both upcoming and legendary artistes in the country, the likes of Nameless, Khaligraph Jones, Fena Gitu and so many.

Trio Mio. :Facebook.

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