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Ugandan clergy asks State to postpone election, let Yoweri Museveni rule longer

Uganda’s clergy, led by the Archbishop of Kampala Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has asked the government to postpone the presidential election for three years.

The Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) also wants the Constitution to be amended to allow President Museveni to continue ruling during this period of postponement.

According to Dr Lwanga, politicians are not following standard operating procedures which has escalated the spread of Covid-19, with more deaths expected after elections.

He further said security agencies are brutalising Ugandans.

“We know the Constitution says if elections are postponed, the Speaker of Parliament takes over government. Article 259 of the Constitution allows Parliament to amend laws. We are asking Parliament to sit down and amend the Constitution to allow President Museveni to continue ruling and guiding the country during the period of three year postponement of elections,” Dr Lwanga told journalists in Kampala.

He was flanked by Fr Daniel Musiitwa, the UJCC deputy executive secretary in charge finance & administration,  and Twikirize Lois, deputy executive secretary in charge of programmes.

Covid restrictions

The Electoral Commission banned processions and restricted the number of supporters allowed to be at a rally to 200 as part of government efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

However, since the start of political campaigns, several politicians have violated these rules.

Security agents have also used teargas and live bullets to disperse supporters, especially thos of opposition candidates.

Meanwhile, UJCC’s statement comes just hours after the Ministry of Health on Tuesday confirmed 526 new Covid-19 infections as cases rose to 31,910 with 238 virus deaths since March this year when the outbreak was first confirmed in the country.

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