Wambui Ngugi Of Elani Talks About Androgenetic Alopecia

Singer Wambui Ngugi, a member of the Kenyan music group Elani, has talked about his fight with Androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia is a condition where a person gradually loses his or her hair.

The songbird shared what she describes as her ‘challenging’ medical condition which led to her partially losing her hair adding that it made her hate her image because it almost made her lose her identity.

“I started losing my hair and it really hit me very hard. I was diagnosed with Androgenetic alopecia. It made me feel lost because I had started to also see myself as the chick with the natural hair in Elani and now I was like who am I going to be. I then realized that what fans said about me is what I took to define myself. I hated that feeling, I hated that I completely let all those comments, all those good things they had to say about me be the thing that defined me and told me who I was,” she explains.

Wambui Ngugi. : Facebook.

Wambui Ngugi disclosed that she feared her new look would affect her brand as an artiste questioning herself on what kind of a person she is before she embarked on a self-actualization journey.

It was tough for her because when Elani came to the limelight, people started talking about her beautiful eyes and hair which she loved.

 “I was now being identified as the girl in Elani with natural hair. I took this identification as my brand,” adding that it made her become wild and fun which was different because from a young age she was not a fan of going outside and playing with other kids.

“And then came the beautiful mistake called Elani and after that everything happened so fast. The applause from our fans was bananas and this really ignited something in me especially when we were on stage.”

Elani. :Facebook.

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